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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Looking at filtering history through Leonardo
When watching The Da Vinci Code, many people have noticed that the translation from book to film made many pieces of the story suffer. However, the movie does have one visually interesting sequence: when Teabing displays the Last Supper painting and uses computer imagery to enhance his points about how Leonardo was trying to encode the truth in his mural.

We all know that Teabing states the person to Jesus' left in the painting is a woman - supposedly Mary Magdalene. Teabing says that we have been so pre-programmed to see all men that we miss this fact. He goes on to further expound how the two are clothed complimentary and even states that Peter is threatening Mary with a knife!

Now, all of this is nonsense as anyone fluent in the Arts will tell you. However, you don't need to do a lot of research to see why using Leonardo's painting as supporting evidence for Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene is illogical. All you need is common sense. The fact is that even if the descriptions that characterize The Last Supper are true, it still is of no historical value to understand what events actually happened. Leonardo began painting the mural in 1495 - almost a millennium and a half after the actual events happened. He wasn't there! This is not a snapshot of what happened at the last supper.

Leonardo was hired to paint this scene and he was trying to do so in the style and approach of his day. But he was limited in his own knowledge. For example, look again at the table. What's all the leavened bread doing at a Passover meal? Observant Jews even today would never allow such an offense. Leonardo even got the type of table they would dine at wrong, since Jews of the first century would recline on pillows and eat surrounding a table and not sit in chairs.

The point of all this is to say we can get so enamored by a well spun tale that we sometimes forget to engage our common sense. If the Last Supper was painted 1400 years after the real last supper, then how is it convincing proof of Jesus being married?


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