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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Movie
As of the time of this message the long-awaited film based on Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, is appearing in theaters throughout the world. Friday, May 19th will mark the release date in the United States.

The Da Vinci Code book has brought questions to the forefront such as; "Was Jesus married?" and "Are the lost books of the Bible real?". The soon-to-be-released film will likely again raise these important questions, and require accurate and immediate clarification. We will continue to be a bright shining light, illuminating the Truth About Da Vinci.

Take a moment to go through the site, www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com. Go see the movie. And then come back and let us know what you think!


CM_doe said...

CM_doe: Message for Arianna
u may not know me or may be u do but just follow the trail of clues (be observant to the texts and pictures and you'll know me better), and you'll know me somehow.....www.topix.net/forum/who/theodore-roosevelt/T408U8234Q15MGMOB

02/13/07 8:03 AM
ahnntootz said...

The Da Vinci Code Movie

I don’t understand why the movie and the book are very far out from each other. I was really amazed on how the book was written and I was too enthusiastic about the reality and the imaginary tale behind it. But when the movie was released, a big question bubbled up on my mind why Mr. Dan Brown allows these changes.
If its not with the movie actor Tom Hunks I wont watch it.

06/24/07 1:34 PM
Tim Mantyla said...

Assertions about Biblical "facts" require real evidence

Jim Garlow: Every historian relies on one thing: the reliability of his/her sources. Either the source is credible - or it is not. The Bible is a source - a rather extensive one. The historian - whether amateur or professional - must "check out" this source. Any thorough analysis of the biblical text reveals its profound authenticity. The Bible makes a clear case for the divinity of Christ. My advice: examine carefully the historical reliability of the Bible. Upon discovering it's complete reliability, one can assert that "Jesus was (is) God." The short answer is simply "yes!"

Garlows assertions, masquerading as analysis, merely make a point without citations or references. The author claims that "any thorough analysis of biblical text" "reveals its profound authenticity."  But where is the proof?

This is like saying "The Bible is true because the Bible says so!" It's puffery that relies on itself for veracity. Anyone skeptical of modern advertising claims can see through this approach.

The movie claims that the Council of Myceae (spelling?) excluded many gospels. We aren't privy to their arguments at that or other councils that determine Biblical canon, only the results of these doubtless fascinating battles for the "official" text of the Holy Bible.  Biblical canons have been developed through debate and agreement by the prevailing religious authorities of the times.

Watch The Naked Archaelogist and other wonderful programs on the Discovery Channel and others. Science and research demonstrate again and again that the only way to determine facts is through solid investigation and historical evidence.

I believe it's entirely possible that the council of learned, yet biased men (mostly men, one must assume) could have easily had profoundly selfish reasons to exclude gospels by Mary Magdalene and others--just as the Catholic hierarchy has selfish reasons to exclude women from the clergy.

The Bible, like any other book, is only as good as its input. "Garbage in, garbage out," is true for all works of man and woman.

Without historical evidence, which is very hard to come by given the age of the events in question, the Holy Bible holds no more authenticity in its claims than The Da Vinci Code book or movie. Those that hold up have to meet accepted, modern scientific standards of evidence--or they are so much chaff in the wind.

For a discussion of heresy as innovation, please visit my blog, Communication - Creativity - Innovation at http://timmantyla.wordpress.com/.

04/03/08 9:47 PM

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