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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Several French critics have weighted...
Several French critics have weighted in on The Da Vinci Code film. Remember, it premiered at the Cannes film festival. Claude Imbert, who writes for Le Point, a thoughtful newsweekly, said devastating things about the film's treatment of history. Comparing it to the other premiere, Marie Antoinette, he says, we will not learn anything significant about the life of Christ or the guillotined queen. But we will learn something about our passion for deconstruction!

Yet, after railing against the historical violations of Dan Browns novel-turned-film, he then admonishes the Roman Catholic Church. Why? Because its Cardinals have over-reacted, worried as they are over doctrinal distortions. They have dignified a theological error, instead of realizing this great truth: "The Kingdom of God belongs, once and for all, to those who are inspired by Faith." Even though Imbert denies that the film gives any access to the Kingdom, he still reduces everything that matters to a personal muse. Sacrebleu!

- William Edgar


Honest Dan in Iowa said...

Who cares?
I don't understand why all of the Christian Churches and those Catholic Cultists have found a novel (written by an unknown, unimportant author) so damning to their faith that they have elevated it to such a level, that they have given it great power and almost biblical recognition throughout the entire world.
You have promoted the film with such great skill - the studio probably saved millions in advertizing dollars. Have they thanks you?

Honest Dan -Des Moines, IA

PS: The movie was a let-down (I'm glad I didn't pay to see it)

10/10/06 12:25 AM

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