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This blog is the outgrowth of the www.TheTruthAboutDaVinci.com Web site. Many people have asked questions or raised points of discussion on Dan Brown's book and its recent movie release. Therefore, this blog was created to take the discussion farther - to capture certain thoughts and answer some of the questions we've received at the site.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to refocus our gaze?
As Lenny has said, "we get emails..."

This is good. The site was designed to be a place where not only would the issues raised by the book and the movie be explored, but done so in such a way as to encourage people to read the book and interact with the movie so that conversation about The da Vinci Code story would be informed, intelligent and good natured.

Given this, however, you may or may not be surprised by the strong sentiment of many of the correspondents who accepted our invitation to contact us. Those who write seem to fall into three general categories:

The first is "Thanks for the site. It's really helpful".

A second is "You guys are idiots for making such a big deal out of this"!

And category 3 is "Who the hell are you to encourage boycotts, tell me how to think, and talk about "truth" when the only truth that history knows is that the church oppresses and condemns people in God's name even to this day; and too bad for you that Al Queda hit the World Trade Center before you had your chance. You freaking terrorists."

Despite the lack of nuance here, this last one really does reflect the category fairly well.

What are we to make of this?

Here are a few leading questions that fellow Christians might consider:

  1. In Luke 6:22, Jesus tells His disciples that when the world hates them on account of Him, they should consider themselves blessed. Should we consider ourselves blessed in this respect, or is there a different dynamic going on here?

  2. Are we representing the person of Christ so well that our friends and our culture are rejecting Him only after clearly grasping who He is - or are they rejecting something else?

  3. Are the Category 3 folks writing in reaction to the gospel or are there things that you and I do and say every day which contribute to this perception that the church (Christians) are oppressive and condemning?

What do you think the truth might be ?
- John


Anonymous said...

I agree with you somewhat, can you explain further.

06/26/06 6:25 PM
byniggle said...

Thanks for ther comment, but I'm not really sure what you are asking.

The gist of my post boils down to two questions:

"when the church (by church I mean all christians; not just the Roman Catholic Church) is criticized, is it always persecution?"
"if you are a Christian, do you think we have reason to take a look at how we are representing Christ?".

06/27/06 12:21 AM
Anonymous said...

Its not funny that all the wars exsisting today are because of who people choose to follow.

We all know deep down that the only true creature of us all was mother nature. Mother nature even created this human that seems to be a very hot topic, Jesus.

The bible is a story book, and a very clever one at that. It no different to "The Da Vinci Code"

Represent whom you feel you want to represent. Represent life, someone elses, a dogs, a cats, what ever you want, just don't let anybody tell you who to represent.


06/28/06 4:47 AM

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