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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Testing Faith and Teaching Tools

India is an interesting place.  It has a population of nearly 1.1 billion people; most of whom are profoundly religious, with Hinduism being the dominant faith.  In talking with an Indian friend, I asked him about Hindu beliefs and how they approach the belief systems of other faiths.  He told me that Hindus are taught to respect all religious beliefs and places of worship, since there may be some truth to them.

That outlook may be why the Indian censor board required an adults only rating for The Da Vinci Code when it was released in theaters.  The local Christian congregations in Mumbai protested the release with a hunger strike.  But the book and movie did well and Dan Brown's story was hugely popular there, proving that controversy helps sell wherever you are.

Now, according to CNN-IBN news reports, some Indian Christian churches have decided to take a different tact. With growing questions about Dan Brown's claims, especially from young Christians, a local church in Mumbai has created a special Da Vinci Code study to look at the topics the book and movie touch on and examine the evidence.  The article quotes one congregant saying "To some extent it does raise questions in my mind."

I've always believed the truth should never be afraid of the hard questions or of honest examination.  If something is true, then after being tested it will still stand. In fact, my beliefs are strengthened when they are put to the test and still hold up.

I bring this up because we're just two weeks away for the release of The Da Vinci Code DVD, and although it seems like no one on the planet hasn't read the book or seen the movie, the DVD will give new momentum to those questions that are raised as the Indian woman noted.   But, the release also gives people the opportunity to examine the points in the film and have answers for them.  Many materials are available for you right here on our Web site.  We've posted a new Question and Answer section to help you with the historic facts.  There's also a DVD companion guide that you may download and print out for free to give to others who are interested in the movie.  Check out our Resources section for even more materials you can use.

I think that many assume the movie can't have any more impact than it already has, and that's simply not true.  As we saw in India, people not only have questions, but are interested in the truth.  They have 300 kids coming out to their Da Vinci Code study every week, seeking answers to the film. I say, if people are seeking the truth, let's be sure to give it to them.


tyrone1118h said...

what if / we may never really know the thuth
How can people be of so little faith. Im a stong believer in the word of GOD and if JESUS had a baby so what ! We, so call christians act like JESUS commited a sin by having a baby. If in fact he did maybe he would be showing us in this time and age how we are as hyprocritcal and judgemental as the jew claiming to be desendents of abraham or the ones that crucified him. Dont be so closed mined. We will never know the whole thurth about history because so much has been kept secret and lost.Thats why we have faith. Either way for me if he had a baby or not it wont shake my faith one bit he is still LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS. Amen.

11/15/06 10:09 AM
DoubtingThomas said...

Think about the meaning of divinity

Debating this book is itself a little strange since the author himself - of course - has repeatedly said it is a novel. So all the  protest seems more than a little suspicious.What hidden truths might it be pointing to? Why would anyone really be afraid of what it says when it is by defnitiion, fiction?  And what other works of fiction might next be under attack because God forbid - they might stimulate thought?

Of course whether or not Jesus had children is not really the point. The point is that his message seems to have been obscured by the politics of religion throughout the centries. He was attempting to say something about life and how to live it but in the majority of religious traditions his message seems to be lost while everyone debates about the status of the speaker. I'm sure he himself would have stressed that this was not relevant.

Yes, "the Father and I are one.." was probably something he said but I believe he was speaking about an insight avilable to all of use. He also said they we would do greater things than he did. What cuold he have meant?

As far as the status of women, my guess is that Jesus would have been a feminist from the get go. Everything he did stressed that we are all worthy of honor and respect. The repressed status of woman in our society (and most societies for the past couple thousand years unfortunately) had much more to do with patriarical societies held in place by patriarical political organizations such as the Church than with any enlightened advice from Jesus.

Seems to me Jesus was saying, don't worry - there is a deeper intelligence and meaning that will guide us if we allow it (God) - that we should respecf and care for our fellow human beings (all of them) as ourselves because in some sense that we still don't understand we are all one.

Jesus obviously did have a very enlightened sense of the universe as any reader of the Sermon on the Mount can see. But all the mumbo jumbo that grew up around him after his death has mostly helped to obscure his real message.

11/25/06 2:41 PM


THE JEWS AWAITED FOR THEIR mESSIAH TO COME. They are still waiting....Jesus came to earth as a mortal man.. Tempatations that we go through everyday. He did not give in. Our faith is based on "JESUS". It was said in the old testement that he would come. He was rejected by his own people.  Our Faith as christians comes from the Holy Bible, words of God that speak within us. No where in the Bible does it say that we can not question....People for 1000's of years have tried to disprove "Jesus" Disprove the Bible. NO ONE HAS COME CLOSE!!!  All they do is find something that strenghtens "OUR FAITH" When a person is truly saved, they no longer enjoy sinning....ZAPPED...I am not saying that the habits are not still there...That is something that one must work on. GET rid of those habits. i DO  NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THOSE BOOKS WERE LEFT OUT. 14 I BELIEVE.


03/14/07 8:57 PM
Stevens said...

New book says Jesus' descendants are in India
The Rozabal Line, a Da Vinci genre work of fiction, contains a wealth of historical, religious and spiritual suppositions. The author, Shawn Haigins claims that Jesus spent his "lost years" in India because India was his spiritual home given that one of the ten lost tribes of Israel had settled down there. The book claims that Jesus derived much of his wisdom from Buddhist teachers and that Mary Magdalene was possibly a temple priestess originally from "Maghada" the ancient Indian Buddhist empire of North India. The Rozabal Line also explains why it is possible that the Church-promulgated official persona of Christ could have been based on the Hindu deity Krishna. The author establishes his plot on the premise that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that his bloodline may have converted to Islam during the early Muslim incursions into India. The author has then weaved a modern tale in the post 9/11 world of Osama, Al Qaeda and Waziristan. Blending a commercial fictional plot with historical nuggets such as the commonly accepted view that St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles, was specifically sent by Jesus to India, Haigins builds up a case to put forward the possibilities that the patriarchal figure of Abraham was loosely derived from "Brahma" the ancient Indian god of creation; that the "sacred feminine" was largely a Hindu concept; and that the trinity of the father, son and holy ghost, was actually derived from the ancient Vedic trinity of the creator, the nurturer and the destroyer. He explains why it is possible that the ritual of baptism was born along the banks of the river Ganges, and why "Spikenard" which was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Christ was a sacred Indian herb. Haigins explains that the "three wise men" were nothing but Buddhists searching for "an incarnation" of the Dalai Lama, much in the same manner as is done today. The Rozabal Line does not claim to be historically accurate. The author quite obviously wanted to spin a racy thriller that could, in parallel, highlight an alternative theory surrounding the life and death of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. While recent alternative theories have revolved around the Holy Grail and the travels of Mary Magdalene to France, the wealth of historical and religious information linking Jesus to India has remained relatively obscure and it is possible that this book will bring it to the forefront.

11/07/07 9:33 AM

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