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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Da Vinci, Doubt and Atheism

When The Da Vinci Code movie was released, my wife and I went to see it. I wanted to be able to know the differences between the book and the film and also speak about it in an informed manner. We arrived for a matinee about an hour and a half early, not knowing how long the lines may be.

 Once we bought our tickets we had some time to kill, so we strolled over to a Borders bookstore. There, I overheard a lady excitedly talking to a friend on her cell phone. She had just seen the picture and was very animated about it. I overheard her say "...and everything is presented so clearly, there's just no way you can deny it. This will finally expose the truth." She was obviously referring to the ideas presented that Christianity is a religion with a false past. She seemed confident that this film will finally prove historic Christianity as based on a lie.

One of the reasons that TheTruthAboutDaVinci.com exists is to examine and discuss these objections and to show that they don't measure up. We want you to be informed. As the DVD gets ready to be released in the U.S., we will undoubtedly see more people use it to bolster their own disbelief. It is just one of several tactics being used in the war against faith.

A new salvo in that war is highlighted in this month's Wired magazine. The article is entitled "The Church of the Non-Believer" and features three main proponents who are seeking to destroy religious belief. We felt the issue was important enough to write a rejoinder, which you may read here. When the DVD is released, it may foster more discussion. However, it may also just be absorbed by viewers who will unwittingly assume that at least some of its claims are true and then when an attack on faith comes along they are preconditioned to be more accepting of the argument. But, we believe that the truth is the only thing that matters. Equip yourself and your friends. Know the arguments and know the facts. Ask people what they thought of the claims in the movie. You may be providing the antidote of truth before someone even catches the disease.


Joshua said...

The Truth?

I saw the movie myself and very much enjoyed it. Before I watched it, I didn't even care to know the full details about Christ. Now, it's like my mind wants to focus on the truth. Now finding the truth shall be hard, but would int cause atheism....I doubt it. The truth may be lost, but where a seceret is told or kept... I can see the truth being revealed.

11/10/06 2:54 PM
Kelly said...

Herein Lies The Problem

This really annoys me. What war would that be???? Ya mean the...."you don't believe in what I do so you must pay...that war??? How ridiculous. I have been to so many sites and blogs about this. Christians are just so up in arms about this book and movie. How would they know when Paganism started?? Or anything else about it unless they tried to stop it. Pagans have always known that they were around first and that Christians tried to take over......who cares. Our beliefs stayed in tact in spite of them. So what the heck is faith??Faith is.....trust, belief, belief without proof, religion, promise, loyalty, constancy, constant, true. This is what the dictionary tells us faith is. So why is it that MY FAITH has anything to do with anyone elses faith?? Why is it something that I believe could cause anyone else upset?? It doesn't make what they believe to be any less true.....unless of course you're not true to your own belief. Why is it that MOST Christians have such a problem with us Pagans?? Is it fear?? Is it ignorance?? Is it that in us not believing it makes them question their own belief system?? I had the very best conversation with a United church minister this past week. He is the first Reverend yet to not try and CONVERT me  to his way of thinking. We were on the phone for an hour at least and not once did either of us get defensive. We both had the common courtesy to RESPECT the other person. What no one can seem to answer for me is.....is it not in seeking the answers to questions that we evolve?? That we learn and discover??? Are Christians afraid that in seeking the truth that they might find out that they might be wrong?? Is that not where the word faith comes in?? It shouldn't  matter how many people tell you you're wrong.....if thats what you believe to be true then you should be loyal to that belief, even without proof. Both my sister and I are Pagans and very proud of that fact. I wear my pentacle proudly for all the world to see. It represents to me something beautiful and peaceful. The Pentacle is a beautiful symbol with an even more beautiful meaning. It is our sacred symbol and represents life itself. The five points of the star, the pentagram, represent the five elements, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The circle which surrounds the pentagram represents the never ending cycle of life and how everything must come full cycle. The pentacle also coincides with the Native American Medicine shield or wheel, where each point stands for not only the elements but the corresponding compass directions. I think this symbol and its meaning sums up my belief system perfectly. And what is more beautiful then something that represents the connection between us, the earth, and the universe working systematically as one. I copied the meaning off of my website cause quite frankly I think I summed it up nicely. Now the pentacle represents to me nothing more then what the Cross represents to the Christian yet I have gotten looks of disgust from so many people. My sister actually had a woman CROSS herself when she saw hers. *laffin hard* If anything we should be disgusted with what the cross represents. It represents crucifixion. To put to death, treat cruelly, to ridicule. And this is what Christians wear around their neck. NICE!!!!!!! You might as well wear an electric chair around your neck. So what they are saying to the world is believe in what we believe or we will ridicule you.....treat you cruelly and eventually torture and crucify you. Oh ya.....I can see how that is better then the pentacle. The huge misconceptions about Paganism is laughable. Our rituals or spells are nothing more then prayer in your belief system. Sure we may add our candles and incence (don't Catholics do this???) however its just a means of helping us get into the right frame of mind. I think what annoys me the most is the judging that takes place. Who are you to judge me?? I actually had one minister tell me that being Pagan meant I had no religion. Well.....in a way he was right. I hate the word religion.....its man made in my opinion. I prefer the word spirituality. I laughed out loud at this man because he believed what he said and yet knew nothing of my beliefs. If being Pagan meant that, then I ask....what the heck are they afraid of??? If I am nothing, then how am I a THREAT??? And if Pagans have nothing to believe in then why did the Crusades take place?? They took place to recover the HOLY LAND. Recover it from what?? If what we believe is nothing then this all took place for NOTHING??? Being Pagan is not about having no religion. the universe did not intend for there to be control over what we naturally seek. We only chose to live life like a cycle, like the earth circling around the sun. there is no order. It just has to be. Quoted from Renee Lozen. Ya know I've decided to sit down and actually re-read the bible from front to back because these stories are just too good to not be able to use. See....people assume I haven't read the bible. Wrong.....my mother is die hard Baptist. Much to her dismay.....I don't tread that same path. I'm sure she gets upset mostly because she's afraid I'm going to burn in hell for not believing. I'd be afraid for my child too if I believed the same things she did. The bible just leaves things so wide open for arguements. It contradicts itself from page one. and I'm sorry if its a guideline for man as to what is right and wrong I don't believe we should have to READ BETWEEN THE LINES to get the message. Imagine how that would leave it wide open to interpretation!!!anyways.....thanks for letting me rant. the world will be a much nicer place when we can all bow our heads at the same pew and pray to the God/dess of our understanding without judgements.

11/14/06 11:13 AM
Benjamin Brien said...

just my opinion

11/15/06 9:38 AM
Benjamin Brien said...

just my opinion

I have been doing extensive reaserch for a long time on the whole topic of the Da Vinci Code and Cristianity. I was raised as a cristian. Having it pounded in my head over and over growing up. The whole reason I started reaserching is because as a whole lot of people have realized the bible does indeed contradict itself from page one. I am not knocking the bible however this is supposed to be the the writen truth about our faith. So the bible in itself raised many questions long before the book or movie (The Da Vinci Code) were ever even realesed or thought of. I have read comments on how there is no hard evidence to support Browns theorys so at the same time there is no hard evidence not supporting them. The only evidence is basiclly what we were tought in our own religions, witch very widely accrosse this world. What about movies and books such as Stigmata and Constitine? Although they are fiction based works there are some true facts within them. Stigmata the movie also raises questions about cristianity. It basicly talks about the church covering up a long hidden secret that could bring down the whole religion of cristianity. The main question, I feel is there any way to truly discover the truth? Why can't the different religions that derived from cristianity come together to find out the truth? Instead of fighting with each other and looking down apon each other because they feel the other is wrong in his or her belifs come together to find out the truth. If there is any truth at all in what the Da Vinci Code and other works such as Stigmata talk about would it really be that bad to find out and finally put the dispute behind us?   Once again this is only some of my opions and would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas one may have nomatter what they may be  email me at benjaminbrien@yahoo.com  thanks for reading







11/15/06 10:00 AM
Zipper said...

A sense of perspective

What most of the Christian objectors to the film/book fail to even grasp is; this is a piece of FICTION.

If you object to what it portrays (as fiction) don't read it and ask your friends and family not to read it.

By creating sites such as this, by making public protests and pillorying Dan Brown and the film makers you legitimise their endeavours.

I'm sure that Brown, his publishers and Ron Howard are NOT part of some Masonic Plot to overthrow Christianity, they are simply creative people using their talents to make a buck.

The ooposite treatment was given to Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ"- why? because it affirmed Christian's beliefs. We find out afterwards that Gibson is a drunken antisemite and his father a Holocaust denier, both of them belonging to an obscure sect of Catholicism that eeeks to impose Church power on all.

Christians should choose their enemies more carefully, there are enough truly evil people (mostly politcians) that could benefit from being exposed for their hypocrisy.

11/16/06 7:20 AM
Ryan said...

slightly comical
First of all I don't really know  what the truth is about Jesus, I don't think anyone does really. I'm an agnostic, just a man searching for his own faith. Do I think that the Christian Church has been corrupt in the past? Yes. Do I think the same of all other organized religions? Absolutely. But why I'm responding to this blog is because of how comical your question and answer section is. You say that the purpose of this site is to inform us, but only give us the perspectives of Christians. Don't you think that's a little biased. In my opinion, if you really wanted to inform your readers, you'd get experts from both sides of the argument, or at least some historians that would be slightly less biased. Because to me, it seems that you think we are all to dumb to think for ourselves, to find out or own truths after being presented with arguments from both sides. You may say that Dan Brown delivered the opposing argument, but all of us know that he would not be the most reliable source. I sincerely hope that you try to present your "truth" a little more fairly from now on for the sake of your readers. Because if you don't, this site would be no better than his books.

11/19/06 7:38 PM
Daniel said...

Is the Bible True?
Your quotation from the Da Vinci Code:

"Fortunately for historians, some of the gospels Constantine tried to eradicate somehow survived"  is followed by the comments on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (which indeed have noting to do with the Christian Scripture) but ALSO of the Scriptures from Nag Hammadi - dealing exclusively with early Christian faith and including apocryphal (meaning "hidden" - not "false" as the Church would like people to believe) Gospels - one of the - attributed to Thomas - was probably anterior to the four canonical gospels.
On the other hand, the Encyclopaedia Britannica confirmed the existence of a consensus recognizing the historical truth of Acts of Thomas nucleus,  another apocryphal scripture.

Your attempt to discredit the above mentioned text by omitting information is pathetic.

11/20/06 11:08 AM
Shuichi said...

I just wanted to say something so badly, but I'm not sure what to say now that I'm here. 
 First off...The Da Vinci Code is a book.  It is a work of fiction and I don't undertand why Christians or anyone for that matter are getting all in a huff about it unless they think they're going to be proven wrong somehow.  I personally don't believe in the Bible, and I don't take what the Da Vinci Code says as truth either.  I don't believe in the Bible because I just don't think it's true, and I don't see how anyone else can believe it's true.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Atheist.  I'm sure there's probably a God, and Heaven and Hell, but I just happen to be a devout follower of Lucifer, not God.  Even then, someone's going to mistake me as a devil worshipper although Satan and Lucifer are not the same person.
People who take the Da Vinci Code literally or think it's attacking their faith just don't know what they're talking about.  It's like people who think anyone that belongs to the Freemasons or the Order of the Eastern Star are all devil worshippers (which is not true).  People like that are just being ignorant.  You don't see someone like me getting in a huge hissy fit about a Christian book, do you?  If you really believed in your faith that much, you wouldn't get in such a huff about a piece of fiction.  Unless you really do have doubts about your faith...?
We're probably all going to end up in the same place anyway.  Quit complaining and just enjoy the book. 

11/20/06 4:29 PM
Wondering said...

Research ?

First of all I realize I am posting on a christian site. I have struggled with religion for the past few years. If there is truly a God why doesn't he write on the walls as told in the Bible ? Why are there not any obvious benefits in worshipping the almighty God ? I was baptized at an early age, around 9. I can't say as I have had an awesome life, just a good one. I have had good health and some luck but nothing i would call divine.  I have a great mother who raised me to know right from wrong. But currently in the position I am in my personal life and after praying for divine intervention I have not seen any. So, am I to continue down this hell on earth or should I change it myself ? Why do poor people get a hand out and not have to work for it ?

Is there anyway a christian can answer that for me? I grow more toward Wiccan ways all the time. We all should be more self reliant and we should be more willing to help our fellow man given he has proven himself to be worthy of help.

Thank you for listening.

11/21/06 5:15 PM
Nothing to say said...

The Movie STINKS
I think my commen title tells whatI think

11/26/06 9:56 AM
Elaina said...

What are we so scared of.....
I do not understand why in the world do we have to keep arguing over century old questions? I read the comment posted by the young lady that says she and her sister are pagens..... to you my dear, BRAVO!! I was raised a Baptist, but this doesn't mean I haven't studied the pagen ways, because I have. People called me a witch, a non believer, a slayer of the word of God. Completely untrue. God gave us the ability to think, to choose, to raise question and to seek answers unknown to us. So why would mortal people try and take those abilties away from us? If Da Vinci knew something we did not, and wanted the world to know, what better way than a riddle or puzzle. If I choose to seek the truth, does this mean I may burn in the fires of hell for eternity? Maybe, if this whole thing is a hoax, but who is willing to tell me the truth? I "pray" every night to the one I know as God, but still no clear cut answer. I think that if you seek the answers long enough, hard enough, you may find what you're looking for. But do not fear anything. God is forgiveing, correct? So why wouldn't he forgive us for being what he created....simple humans with questions of what really happened. For those that do not believe  in my God, choose for yourself. Only one being can let you in on the truth. The real truth and nothing but the truth.

11/29/06 11:27 AM
Kenny said...

The Important Thing Is...

The important thing is not whether or not there is a bloodline of Jesus, or whether or not your belief is better than mine. 

The point is to always question. 

The scene of the movie that affirmed my own beliefs that people will do anything for power, is the scene where all the leaders of Rome had gathered to agree on the laws and passages that would go into this newly created religion.  It would be based on a guy that lived a thousand years prior named Jesus.  It would be called Catholicism. 

The reality is that men will do a lot for power.  If you don't believe me, then just look around you.  I've seen my bosses create ideas and laws to run a business.  Look at the lengths governments will go to for power or the so called protection of us all.  Kids will form clubs when they are little so that they can feel safe and a part of something.  Sometimes, they never fully grow up and always need to feel a part of something.  They turn to religion, partying (running with a certain crowd), or joining sports teams.  They jeer at the other teams/religions because tearing them down makes them feel good about their own team/religion.   Sometimes they join a sub-culture of music such as "goths", "rappers", "metal heads", or "countrified and proud".

It is the plight of man to always want to be a part of something.  Do I believe that our leaders and the leaders of the past knew this?  Hell yes they did and still do.  If you don't believe me, just look around.  Look at how 75% of the world's population is manipulated.

There is a God, but not likely anything we can understand or even imagine.  Why try to understand?  Gain understanding through kindness to others and living life and everything will be fine.  You don't have to join a team. 


01/15/07 11:42 PM
gema said...


What do people have to say about this gospel then because if your jesus was so special and could not have been married and yet the gospels to do with jesus were put in the bible why is this one a lie??? and in jesus's time the word companion meant spouse....why is it so hard for people to believe that jesus could have been married it does not make him any less divine and it was not impossible it was practically a sin in his time to not be married as it was a father's obligation to find his son a wife.

the gospel:

Levi answered and said to Peter, Peter you have always been hot tempered.

Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries.

But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well.

That is why He loved her more than us. Rather let us be ashamed and put on the perfect Man, and separate as He commanded us and preach the gospel, not laying down any other rule or other law beyond what the Savior said.

02/28/07 10:46 PM
momoo said...

putang ina

are you kidding me i have a book that came from the french government saying that the da vinci's code are true

08/14/07 3:14 AM
struhevol7478 said...

Jesus: man or God?
Ok, so let me just start out by saying this: I'm not atheist, nor am I christian, I was baptized as an infant into the Episcopalian way by my family, totally without my consent obviously.  I was sent to catholic school as a child through fifth grade and recieved my first communion as such. I attended church services, sunday school sessions and vacation bible schools for years. For all those years I believed what the Bible told me and what the priests preached about on sundays. Now, as a young woman, given my past, my life in general, I realize that I no longer believe everything I hear or read about faith or anything for that matter. I was taught in public school to be skeptical about everything and I am. Essentially, I am what you would call agnostic. I believe that fate is what guides me, not faith. I currently have no faith in anything. My life has had its share of disappointments and although I was a devout follower of God, he failed me in many ways. I have not seen one shred of evidence to believe in divine intervention in my life, the intervention has been anything but divine if you ask me. I was crippled with a disease as a ten year old that still plagues me, I had horrible things happen to my friends and family members and I have endured countless situations that I suffered through for years. My family is broken, my mother never once told me she loved me, among many other things she has done wrong in my life. The bad far outweighs the good in my past which has led me to the point of being agnostic and not having faith in any sort of religion other than that of FATE. My belief is this: fate controls us insofar as we let it, if we take control of our lives, nothing else can control us. I do believe that there is something of an afterlife but I don't think that Jesus and God, and all the other people are waiting at some pearly gates to welcome me with open arms. I personally think heaven is just a state of mind, something for dying people to beleive in to help them cope with the fact that they are dying. I'm not trying to criticize anyone's beliefs here, I'm simply stating facts of my own beliefs and my own life. Now, getting to the Da Vinci Code, first off, who cares if Brown referred to Leonardo as Da Vinci throughout the book. If he didn't have a last name, it seems a perfectly good literary way to refer to him. It has nothing to do with christianity or the points of the book at all so let it go people, its just a waste of time. Next, Brown did extensive research on the subject as have I since I have just now read the book and I have found numerous websites and other books corroborating much of what Brown has said within the book. Now I know it is fiction, but technically it is historical fiction meaning that parts of it may be true and that parts of it are fabricated. Personally, I don't believe the entire bible is true, I think its is just that, historical fiction. Parts may be true but some may not. Personally, I don't think something as big as Noah's ark could just be totally lost for thousands of years. its too huge to just disappear into thin air, so if it did exist, where is it today? Another point, if these artifacts such as the HOLY GRAIL as a cup existed, how on earth could people possibly lose something so sacred to them? One more point about the holy grail, regardless of what it was, whether it was Mary Magdelene's womb or a cup, let me point out this, the holy grail in most legends is described as a chalice, okay, Jesus, from what we are told was a carpenter, I highly doubt he would have had access to massive amounts of gold and the abilities to make such a magnificent cup. Now I know it's fiction, but the Indiana Jones film The Last Crusade, makes much more sense as to that story.. The cup is shown as a small wooden cup, that looks much more like something Jesus would have had access to. While we're on the subject of the holy grail as a cup let me jump to the last supper fresco. The fact that the authors of this website say that Leonardo Da Vinci often painted men in the likenesses of women seems out of place, my proof of this is in the rest of the painting, Jesus, and the rest of his followers excluding  John and/or Mary all look like men so why on earth would he paint only one of them as feminine as that. It makes no sense. My final point is this. Why can't Christians just accept that there are people out there who don't beleive their point of view and have another belief altogether. if they are secure in their faith and have nothing to hide why do they care if we want to publish books about conspiracy theories and the like regarding their religion. For gosh sakes, there are thousands of books on conspiracy theories regarding other religions, just look at all the books on wiccan religions and the ideas surrouding that. Why, if other people can say disparaging things about atheists and non-christians, can we not say the same things about christians. It's a double standard, a double edged sword and it is an UNFAIR, BIAS, UNJUST DEFENSE MECHANISM. Get over it and quit your whining about something as trivial as someone else's beliefs. Focus on your own, if you want to go to heaven don't treat others the way you do because that's not following the golden rule and i was always taught to follow the golden rule or you wouldnt get into heaven. We are all sinners, and whether or not there is a God, and whether or not you believe there is, do not force your beliefs on me or anyone else unwilling to hear them. I don't want to hear anymore about this stupidity. Let people who like the novel and the movie just enjoy themselves, if they want to beleive let them, they are in no way telling you that you must believe it as well. As for the Opus Dei, and the Priory of Sion I have no doubt they existed, as for what purpose they had I couldn't tell you, but no one really knows why the Knights Templar existed either, at least not definitively, so who's to say the Priory didn't exist to protect a centuries old secret bloodline of one of the world's most revered celebrities, because in fact, that's what Jesus was and is today, he's more famous than George Clooney and more films and books have been made or written about him than anyone else. In a sense he's a celebrity and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, if he were alive, papparazzi would be chasing him everywhere.

08/31/08 10:57 PM

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