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Friday, November 24, 2006

... And they're off!

The Da Vinci Code was released on DVD last week, and it made the appropriate splash.  According to iMDB, the movie was the number 1 rental for its first week, bringing in $11.1 million dollars in five days.1  It was also the top seller at Amazon.com the same week.  Actually, there’s really no surprise here.  You had Hollywood's most successful directors and its brightest star recreating the one of the most popular fiction novels of all time.

Of course, the interesting thing about in-home entertainment is the audience changes.  Many people who read the lackluster reviews about the movie saved their popcorn money and instead waited for the movie to come to video before viewing.  Parents who wouldn't have brought their children with them to the theater don't think twice about having the kids in the room when the DVD is playing.  The movie is certainly going to be given as gifts during the Christmas season.

In all, the impact of a film will be far wider than just the audience who saw it in the theater.  Now that the 'controversy' has died down, people will simply rent the movie out of inquisitiveness ("I wonder what all the fuss is about?"), or novelty ("we've seen everything else") or simply for fun. And the positions and questionable facts that that film purports will be left unchallenged.

We gather a lot of ideas from our entertainment. Many times, we form opinions about things we've never thought about before by being exposed to new ideas.  Those ideas are often presented in a fictional format. Before The Da Vinci Code, how many of you really explored the historical development of the New Testament canon?  And if you have no other source what type of opinion will it be?  This Web site exists and has continued to update you so you can be informed.  We want you to hear the real facts behind historic Christianity.  We ask you to equip yourself and tell others, so they too may have a better informed view of what the Truth About Da Vinci really is.

[1] "Top 50 United States DVD Rentals for the week ending November 19, 2006”. Accessed at http://www.imdb.com/boxoffice/rentals


A confussed believer. said...

Who do we trust?
After watching the movie, I have thousands more questions inside than ever.  People tell me it was only a movie ,but I must keep my mind open to seeking the truth. The real truth, and nothing more. They say that there are missing books to the bible, so does this mean that the Holy Book I was raised to believe was all powerful truth, may actually be only part of the truth? I am a God fearing woman. Raised to believe that what came from the book was the only way of thinking and that I might be punished if I were to doubt it in any way, but now I question everything. I seek answers that no one can give me, and don't know what is real and what is not. I do however know this..... Jesus was the son of God and he gave his life for me, but what if .... just maybe .... could he have been a man? A real man that had human feelings and emotions? Would God have made a man with the only purpose of preaching to the nations of his love, wrath, & forgivness? Was Jesus forbade to be any thing but? I guess I will know when I die. Because no one can or will tell me the truth...the whole truth. Maybe it's not for us to know. Maybe we shouldn't try to figure it out. Or maybe God secretly wants us to know the truth. You be the judge.

11/29/06 11:00 AM
mary magdelane believer said...

this website is obviously catholic...
okay i am sorry but this webpage actually makes me really anger and frusterated. my grandparents are both ministers and i am not saying that i don't believe in god or jesus, because i do very much so. but jesus was HUMAN, there are documents (lost ones) that talk about it. and i am sorry but if you have skin, bones, and what not.. you are HUMAN. PURE FLESH! he was the SON of god... he wasn't god. and yes, i do think that he married and had sex with mary magdelene. in his time (being a jew) he was supposed to be married, and i believe jesus would have been. there are gospels saying he loved and kissed mary magdelane, and the only people who don't want these things to be proven true are people who are catholic or christian and are obviously anti-feminist ( like BOTH churchs) its thanks to these churchs that women were burned because they were blamed for being "witches". we look back at that time now in digust! everything that the da vinci code talks about seems accurate, and let me tell you something.. its changed A LOT of peoples views on religion and jesus. also.. can anyone guess what time these years are? time of the aquarian.. time of the TRUTH. and it's just odd that this book came out at this time in history, don't you think. the end of days is here people. and why the hell would there be a priory of sion if they had nothing to protect and hide? you can think all you want that they don't exist but they do, and always will. the truth is out people... say hello to the way jesus wanted things. MARY MAGDALENE!

09/12/08 11:04 AM

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