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Thursday, November 30, 2006

People Believing Fiction

If you've perused this blog for long, you'll notice that we get some criticism for our continued criticism against The Da Vinci Code book and movie. By far, the most common complaint is that we are taking a work of fiction too seriously. Some recent comments have included "What most of the Christian objectors to the film/book fail to even grasp is; this is a piece of FICTION. If you object to what it portrays (as fiction) don't read it and ask your friends and family not to read it." Also, "First off...The Da Vinci Code is a book. It is a work of fiction and I don't understand why Christians or anyone for that matter are getting all in a huff about it unless they think they're going to be proven wrong somehow."

The fiction objection is one we see over and over. But, do these folks have a solid point?

Recently, the Los Angeles Times ran an interesting article in its Health section. Entitled "Prime Time to Learn", the piece reported that "Americans more than just believe the health information they get from fictional television shows. Spurred by what they see on shows like 'ER' or 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' surveys suggest, they take action. They go to the doctor."

Note that this article wasn't highlighted in the entertainment section of the paper, but the Health section. Basically, it says that not only do people pay attention to the facts that are presented in fictional entertainment, but they will believe them enough to take action – to get checked out by a doctor or to try and better understand a legal point.

The article states that "fans develop trusting relationships with the characters who come into their homes each week, and industry insiders can't betray that trust. 'I'm aware of the number of people who are paying attention to the facts around the fiction,' says Jan Nash, executive producer of Without a Trace." Now, why would anyone think that portraying false history would be any less believable by the public, especially when the preface to the book claims that it's all fact?

Sure, the article points out that soap operas still have patient rising out of a coma like they woke up out of a morning nap, but the claims I worry about are not ones such as whether there is a degree in Religious Symbology (there isn't) or what a cryptex is (another complete invention by Brown). It's claims like eighty gospels were considered for the New Testament when there are no where near eighty gospels even alluded to in ancient literature. For those who want to find out if the claims in the movie and book are true, that's why we're here.


ChesterNimitz said...

Having Faith in Invisible People

In reading Professor Edgar's comment:

if it were not for the credulity of many readers who have no knowledge of art history, and who are so fascinated by codes and symbols that they can be persuaded by the kind of tale told in The Da Vinci Code.

one could add, but for the average man's credulity, there would be no religon in the first place.  That these self comforting fantasies continue to attract and inspire people speaks more of the human condition than of the accuracies or truths of the religon in question.


That is all.

06/30/07 6:24 AM
Hi said...

Personally i feel that this website is not about the truth about davinci, its more like a website for criticism regarding the novel/film. I've read at least 5 of the articles in this website as well as the "questions and answers from our experts" sections and the only conclusion i can get is that christianity is all right, and what Dan Brown wrote is absurd.

Regarding the article titled "Trust Da Vinci or bible", i think the author has a biased view all along, and there is no point for the question to be phrased this way. Shouldn't it be "The bible is the right thing". If the authors and administrators of this website can't even have an objective view, i believe this website serves no purpose in discussion about Da Vinci.

08/24/07 12:15 AM
believe said...

Finally read the book

After reading the Da Vinci Code I wanted to go online to see how many Christian web administrators would be out there disputing it's contents. Didn't take long to find this site...this is not the first book written about the facts behind the bible - read Neale Donald Walsh - CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD - an uncommon dialogue. Seems the 21st century is the millenium God decided to set the record straight and it has been set straight. Much of what is written in Da Vincis code we were prepared for with the first important doctrine called Conversations with God. I see now it was a prelude to the truths in Da Vincis code. A way for the masses to prepare for what is to come. All books with valuable information are called FICTION so as to avoid lawsuits - the author must refer to it as fiction. This work is not fiction - look to history if you're confused - the story of Adam and Eve is so ridiculous I'm still amazed that in this day and age people believe it...I'm actually amazed any would enter a church today for that matter considering the crimes the Catholic Church is currently being sued for. No other institute on the planet has been more cruel to woman and children than the Roman Catholic Church and if you don't believe that than ask yourself why there are so many class action suits being settled today - no institute has been more cruel to Aboriginals (First Nations) than the Roman Catholic Church. I love seeing stories of bankrupcies with this institute. Covering up the rapes of little girls and boys for years and years is a fact brought to the courts to sort out today so why would it be strange to cover up Mary Magdelanes and Jesus Christs true identity? You seemed shocked this institute would do this so I have to assume your ok with the cover-up of priests raping little girls and boys... 

10/17/07 10:34 PM
BleedForYourCause said...

Fast and Loose with Facts
The biggest problem with the argument that the book is "Just fiction" is that it is fiction dealing with REAL places, REAL artwork, REAL historical figures and REAL religions.  While the characters and events themselves in the book are works of fiction, he artwork like the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, Madonna of the Rocks, the places like Roslyn chapel, and historical figures like da Vinci and the Templars are REAL.  And therein lies the problem.

11/04/07 7:12 AM
R. said...

Absolute Truths

The Bible's fiction, you say?

Strange and yet predictable it is that prophecies foretold more than 2,000 years ago are today rapidly, eerily being fulfilled--and Hollywood is blind to it all, wholly out of touch with the beliefs of teeming international billions.  While many within the weakening U.S. are increasingly impelled to blithely discount the record of Jesus's birth, life, and death, it's somehow tragically amusing that these detractors are quick to worship fictive books, films, and characters produced from within the minds of striking writers--these last the presently disenchanted pawns of the monied offspring of those who freely consigned Jesus to the stake.  How telling it is that it was Jews who called for Jesus's death--indeed a man born of their blood--Roman authority that sought his divine healing and believed him undeserving of death, and the seed of Abraham who today renounce his name.  Prophecy is being fulfilled exponentially even as we speak, and the truth will at last be revealed with the coming fulfillment of First Thessalonians 4:13-18.  On that day, so says scripture, every knee shall bow.  And that day appears nigh, with God's grace.

My advice to Tom Hanks?  Stick with military roles and popcorn-comedy genre:  They're what you do best, old bean. 

And Ron Howard?  Son, truth be told, you reached your zenith with The Andy Griffith Show.  You would've exited the stage in fine fashion professionally, had you retired in 1969: Good news is, peaceful Duncan will still be awaiting you when you ultimately decide to return to reality. 

Filmwise, "The Da Vinci Code" was indeed very fortunate to have received 2 1/2 stars: Critics were obviously unwarrantedly generous.  Dan Brown--though incredibly wealthy--is nevertheless likely seething with the thunderous cinematic crash of his most compelling book.  This, too, shall pass, Dan. 

02/10/08 3:15 AM
JesuswazzaZombie said...


this is an intense documentary on the mysteries of Jesus’ Bloodline. Those of you who are into ‘The Da Vinci code’ or ‘holy blood holy grail’ will be amazed by this real-life adventure with actual holy relics found.. I was amazed.

03/26/08 3:54 PM
Nenita718 said...

Fiction or Not I Believe
Here's the thing, in this day and age where everything that doesn't follow the "norm" beliefs in society gets written off as fiction. In all reality, let's look at some important points: 1. Jesus (Yeshua) could not have been a Jewish man and a BACHELOR which was highly frowned upon even today. A Jewish man must possess a wife or begin to look for one as of 13 years of age hence, barmitzfas (becoming a man) and batmitzfas (becoming a woman) that are held for these teenagers. 2. I do believe that Jesus was divine but at the same time human. No way could a human being live in 90 degree heat all day with no shade except for the occasional tent or tree and be completely light skinned as the church illustrates in their drawings. So why is it so strange to people when it's mentioned in a book or elsewhere that what you grew up to know was the truth, really wasn't. Jesus being the son of a lineage close to God or of God himself however you believe it to be so, he was still in human form. As we all are in human form, we must conform to what goes on around us, marriage, child-birth etc. It's a fact of life now so why would it be strange for it to be the same for Jesus. The church does hide many things from us and without sympathy just to serve their greed for power. Between the ages of 11 and 33 we know nothing of Jesus according to the bible. Those years are the most important to someone so why aren't they incorporated in the bible?

04/04/08 9:19 AM
Nikus said...

Suppressing Women

Ancient society was quite equitable to male and female. As per my knowledge of vedic and other ancient indian culture ( may be greek culture also similar), women used to get equal share every where. The holy trinity in India ( Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) had their respective consorts, who were not less powerful than these gods ( like Hera and Jeus). To some extent, we Indians are preserving this. The suppression of women started in mediaval period and mediaval theories like Christianity and Islam brought this male chauvanistic culture. In large part of India ( Eastern India) the supreme god is female (Goddess).  I find Da-Vinci-Code qute reasonable . Swastika is basically Indian holy symbol, which the europe treats as Hitlers invention. Trident is main arms of Mahesh ( one of Indian holy trinity). The concept of Gospel was first introduced by Budhdha. Christianity and Islam is responsible of destruction of most beautiful architecture in the middle east, europe and a large extent India. Banning a book, means people are scared of facing it...

04/17/08 7:52 AM
Carcar said...

Let's not forget the simple fact that the da vinci code is a work of fiction. Although there is a certain amount of truth told by author Dan Brown he stretches that truth to make the book a thrilling best seller. Whether you are a devoted Catholic or not, it's a good book. I was unable to put it down, and can honestly call in the most twisted murder mystery of all times. This is a novel of fiction. The people getting so upset over the book and movie are perhaps the ones that find truth in what Dan Brown expresses in the da Vinci Code.....

05/10/08 10:38 PM

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