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Carpocratians, The

Second-century Gnostics characterized by sexual promiscuity. Knowledge of them comes from a dubious letter, allegedly written by Clement of Alexandria to "Theodore," stating that the Carpocratians had corrupted a second version of Mark's gospel, known as The Secret Gospel of Mark, which included overtones of homosexual acts between Jesus and a young man. However, apparently the letter is a hoax forged by Dr. Morton Smith, professor of ancient history at Columbia University, which he then "discovered" in 1958, in the Mar Saba library near Jerusalem. No one except Dr. Smith has seen the alleged letter, nor is anyone allowed to examine it. See also Gnosticism; Secret Gospel of Mark; Smith, Morton.

Printed with permission from Bethany House Publishers, South Bloomington, Minnesota from the book "The Da Vinci Codebreaker : an easy-to-use fact checker for truth seekers" by James L. Garlow.

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