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female leadership in the Old Testament

Historically, nations and governments have been led by male rulers, so it's not surprising that many Old Testament leaders were male. Nonetheless, the biblical cast is filled with brilliantly talented women who played prominent roles in Israel's history. Consider the following examples of female leadership:

  • Esther, a courageous woman who, at the risk of her own life, beseeched and ensured the Persian king's mercy upon her people (Esther 1-10)
  • Ruth, who was faithful to her family (and became part of Christ's lineage) after her husband had died and she was living in a foreign land (Ruth 1-4)
  • Deborah, a judge and commander before Israel had kings (Judges 4)

Proverbs 31 affirms the greatness of women, praising their ability to sustain excellence in leadership, commerce, marriage, and mothering.

Printed with permission from Bethany House Publishers, South Bloomington, Minnesota from the book "The Da Vinci Codebreaker : an easy-to-use fact checker for truth seekers" by James L. Garlow.

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