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2006-10-17 The Da Vinci Code DVD Release Re-Energizes Response Website
Yahoo! Finance
2006-06-17 Human rights group wants Egypt to allow Da Vinci Code
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
2006-06-14 Egypt vows to ban Da Vinci Code film and book
Ireland On-Line
2006-06-13 India court blocks Da Vinci ban
BBC News
2006-06-09 China dumps 'Da Vinci Code'
2006-05-28 Bart Cannon: The Da Vinci Code: Aw, Dad, itís just a movie
Cleburne Times-Review
2006-05-22 Da Vinci Code a world-wide hit at box office
2006-05-22 'The Da Vinci Code' lacks urgency, but still entertains
Atlanta Journal Constitution
2006-05-18 The Da Vinci Code Movie Review
Christianity Today
2006-05-17 Da Vinci wouldn't want his name on this 'Code'
Philadelphia Inquirer
2006-05-17 A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read
New York Times
2006-05-16 The Da Vinci Code Mystery Revealed!
TIME Magazine
2006-05-16 Da Vinci Code Misses the Mark for Critics
Associated Press
2006-05-16 The Da Vinci Code

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blade - According to Dan Brown, the symbol of masculinity (DVC, 237); borrowed heavily from Riane Eisler's C...

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