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Contributors to www.TheTruthAboutDaVinci.com Provide Expertise In the Ongoing Media Discussion about the Novel and Upcoming Film
WHAT "The Da Vinci Code" movie opens nationwide on Friday, May 19th, and it has garnered unprecedented media coverage leading up to its release. That coverage centers on the controversy surrounding the claims made in the novel by the same name, written by Dan Brown.

The range of responses has included boycotting the film and using the media firestorm as an opportunity for Christians to evangelize to others. Westminster Theological Seminary, however, is approaching the debate from the standpoint that fact will stand on its own, and their obligation is to be champions of historical, theological and biblical truth - letting the audience make their own decisions.

www.TheTruthAboutDaVinci.com -- launched on Good Friday, April 14th -- and has since been adding content from authoritative theologians, authors and pastors regularly. Additionally, Westminster will engage in an aggressive print media campaign including full page ads in USA Today and other major publications to coincide with the movie's release date.
WHO Dr. Peter Lillback - President, Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr. William Edgar - Chairman of the Faculty and Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr. James Garlow - Co-author of the NY Times Bestseller "Cracking Da Vinci's Code" and author of the recently released "The Da Vinci Codebreaker," as well as senior pastor Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, CA

Dr. Peter Jones - Co-author of the NY Times Bestseller "Cracking Da Vinci's Code;" Executive Director, Christian Witness in a Pagan Planet

Dr. Gary Williams - Professor of Church History and Doctrine, Oak Hill Theological College in London

Dr. Darrell Bock - Author of "Breaking the Da Vinci Code" and Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

Allen Weed - President, interl'inc, provider of the study guide materials aimed at middle school and high school youth ministries.

Doug Melder - Youth Minister at North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Rick Marshall - Executive Director, www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com project.
WHEN Specific Times Will Need to Be Scheduled For Each Contributor
  • Dr. Peter Lillback - Philadelphia , PA
  • Dr. William Edgar -- Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. James Garlow -- San Diego, CA
  • Dr. Peter Jones - Escondido, CA
  • Dr. Gary Williams -- London, England
  • Dr. Darrell Bock -- Dallas, TX
  • Allen Weed -- Franklin, TN
  • Rick Marshall -- Philadelphia, PA
  • Doug Melder -- Pittsburgh, PA
    DETAILS To request an interview with any of these contributors, please return the Interview Request Form, and return it to Whitney Kelley via fax at 972.267.3535 or via email to whitney@alrcommunications.com

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