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Westminster Theological Seminary's Online Response www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com Creates 'Doubt About Doubt'

Philadelphia, April 12, 2006 — The Truth will be resurrected on Good Friday when Westminster Theological Seminary, one of the oldest and most respected seminaries, will launch a robust website dedicated to presenting a factual response to the claims in Dan Brown's runaway best-seller novel and soon-to-be-movie The Da Vinci Code.

"We certainly appreciate the engaging narrative, and recognize an author's right to present a good yarn," explains Dr. Bill Edgar, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster. "But we are concerned because the mix of fact and fiction in the book and presumably the film is leading many readers to question the Bible's message and its impact on history."

The site is designed for those wanting to engage the culture in spiritual conversations by providing biblically sound, intellectually honest, and historically accurate information so that the assertions in the book and movie can be discussed point-by-point.

Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster, lays out the purpose of the site in this way, "Studies show that only five percent of pastors have read the book, and many in the church are dismissing The Da Vinci Code as 'just a novel,' or 'another movie.' In so doing, they discount the wave of doubt that has been and will continue to be created by its cleverly written claims. Our intent is to create 'doubt about doubt.'"

Additionally, Westminster's efforts will be supported by a national advertising campaign, including a full page ad in USA Today to run on the day the movie launches. The campaign which will also include national radio spots, will challenge the mainstream audience with the tag: "THERE IS TRUTH. THERE IS FICTION. YOU DECIDE. YOU DON'T NEED FAITH... JUST A COMPUTER." Full-page variations of this ad will run in upcoming issues of Charisma, Christianity Today and several denominational publications.

"I think people will be amused and intrigued with the campaign we are putting into place," adds Lillback. "Intellectual debate doesn't have to be stodgy and stale, and I am pleased with the winsome tone of the ads pointing out some of the absurdities which are being entertained as fact."

The Westminster site, www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com, will go live on Good Friday, April 14th, and will include contributors such as renowned author and speaker Os Guinness; Redeemer Presbyterian Pastor Tim Keller; authors of the best-selling Cracking Da Vinci's Code Peter Jones and Jim Garlow; Dallas Theological Seminary Professor and author Darrell Bock; and many others.

"Never has a work of fiction spawned so much confusion and debate in the public square," says contributor Jim Garlow. "Many pundits in the media are attributing the wave of doubt to a lack of faith. I disagree. There are many committed Christians who are confounded by this book, and it's not a lack of faith that trips them up; it is a lack of knowledge about Christian history."

Endorsing the site is MOVIEGUIDE®'s publisher Ted Baehr, commenting, "This site is both for the people wanting to go to the film so they can talk about it with their friends, or for those who choose not to support the film financially. Whatever your position, this site adds accuracy, credibility and scholarship to the discussion. It is an excellent on line resource. Bravo!"

Because of the growing amount of papers, articles, sermons and commentary coming out almost daily to address the Da Vinci phenomenon, the Westminster website will continue to expand its resources as authors and scholars add their work to the collection. Reviewed by the faculty at Westminster, every element on the site is intended to educate and equip its visitors to understand the historical figures, the timelines of events, as well as the origin of the scriptures.

"We want to provide a repository of thoughtful, Biblically-based and historically accurate information so that those visiting our site can arm themselves with theologically-sound information," continues Dr. Edgar. "We don't have an agenda except to use this opportunity to marshal the best resources available and present them in a culturally relevant manner."

For more information about Westminster Theological Seminary's response site, visit http://www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com.

Whitney Kelley


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