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The Da Vinci Code Claims Hit Home
Influence of the Film Broadens With DVD Release and Generates Interest in Youth Bible Study Available on www.TheTruthAboutDavinci.com


PHILADELPHIA, October 19 — The summer blockbuster The Da Vinci Code is scheduled to release to DVD on Tuesday, November 14th, and consequently will reenergize the discussion on its claims about the life of Christ and the history of the Church. interl’inc (www.interlinc-online.com), which is primarily known for its use of cutting-edge music to integrate biblical teaching and to highlight scripture, seized the opportunity earlier this year in cooperation with Westminster Theological Seminary to create a bible study geared toward youth, emphasizing not only the biblical and historical truths that are at issue in the novel and film, but also how to defend their faith long after the luster of the film has faded away.

“Just because the movie left the theaters months ago, its influence will be even more pervasive because of the intimacy and accessibility of the DVD format,” explains Allen Weed, president of interl’inc. “With the ease of movie rental and the added features and commentary that provide no balanced counter-claims, this film has the potential to hold even more sway over our youth at this time more than in its theatrical release.”

Online Testing Exchange (OTX) recently reported that males 13-24 years of age – the most prized movie-going audience -- DVD/VHS viewing habits have increased from an average of 30 films per year in 2003, to more than 47 in 2005, while their movie theater attendance dropped 24% over the same period of time.

“The film industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and continues to change rapidly with the advent of bigger and better home entertainment systems, as well as the affordability and portability,” said Ken McCoy, co-creator of the study guide. “Our kids have almost universal access to films, videos and gaming that may or may not be age appropriate and sanctioned by their parents.”

“Additionally, so many parents themselves don’t know the fallacies put forward in The Da Vinci Code and see no problem with their teens watching this fast-paced thriller,” he added.

Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster says, “The cultural debate raged on regarding the controversial claims in Dan Brown’s best selling novel The Da Vinci Code, and then in the feature film directed by Ron Howard, but to date, interl’inc has provided the only materials to bring youth groups into the conversation.”

The study-guide is designed to be used over four sessions and covers the following topics: Doubts About the Church, Doubts About the Bible; Doubts About Jesus; and Confidence About Jesus.

Doug Melder, Youth Minister at North Way Christian Community Church (Wexford, PA) and co-writer of the study guide explains that one of the most effective ways of reaching today’s youth is to join into their conversation…to talk about what they are already talking about.

“‘Relevance’ is absolutely key in ministering to young people,” said Melder. “High school and college is the time when these kids begin to question the beliefs handed to them by their parents…it is the critical time when they decide whether or not to make their parents’ religion their own.

“As youth pastors, leaders and parents, this is an excellent opportunity to engage in a culturally relevant conversation and to help them see the timelessness, accuracy and significance of biblical and historical truths,” he continued.

“The success of www.TheTruthAboutDavinci.com I believe has been in the scholarly way the material is presented,” observes Dr. William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster. “We make no bones about our position on the accuracy of Scripture, but we let the reader go through the facts and commentaries and come to their own conclusions. We exist to be a resource for sound scholarship…not to brow beat people into believing what we believe.”

Westminster faculty has joined with noted authors, theologians and scholars to provide content for pastors, small group leaders, as well as the average person just wanting to research the facts and make up their own minds. Including the study guide for the youth segment makes www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com one of the most comprehensive response sites with regard to the breadth of resources, all theologically and doctrinally cohesive.

“The theatrical release of the film was one opportunity to make an impact on our youth; and I would venture to say that the DVD release provides an equal, if not greater, chance to continue that discussion and broaden its influence,” says Edgar.

To learn more about Westminster Theological Seminary’s response to The Da Vinci Code, download the interl’inc study guide, or see updated materials coinciding with the DVD release, visit http://www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com.

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