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Is the Bible true?

Is the Bible true?

"The Bible is a product of man my dear, not of God."
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p. 231

Is the Bible true?

Consider This: The Bible is neither a book dropped out of heaven nor a creation of man. Rather, it is one that, while coming from God, is written by real people.

Consider This: God is the source of the Bible in that he inspired real people to write it, yet when we read the Bible, the circumstances and character of the writers remain evident;  we are planted into the texture and detail of history rather than being catapulted into a realm simply of ideas. 

"[The Bible] has evolved through countless translations, additions, and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the book."
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p. 231

Is the Bible true?

Consider This: The New Testament has more manuscript evidence for its preservation as the original authors wrote than any other book in antiquity.

Consider This: The nearly complete consistency between the many versions is recognized as an astonishing testimony to its single origin.

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"The Bible as we know it today was collated by the pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great."
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p. 231

Is the Bible true?

Consider This: The earliest testimony we have today of a list which corresponds exactly to our New Testament is from Athanasius of Alexandria, in 367. However, the concept of a New Testament, and much of its content are attested as early as I Clement (95 AD), and is essentially the same as ours by the mid second century, which is 175 years before the Constantines rule (306-337).

Consider This: Tradition strongly suggests Constantine became a Christian in 312. He did a lot for the church, including forbidding persecutions and calling councils, but it would not have occurred to him to collate the Bible.

"Fortunately for historians, some of the gospels Constantine tried to eradicate somehow survived (in the Dead Sea Scrolls)."
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p. 234

Is the Bible true?

Consider This: There are two main types of documents contained in the scrolls: Biblical books (all except Esther), and a large collection of documents, some complete, some in fragments of stuff written by the Essenes. However, there is no Christian literature in the Dead Sea scrolls at all!

Consider This: Not only was no attempt made to suppress these books, but they cast considerable light on the New Testament background.

"More than 80 gospels were considered for the New Testament"
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p. 231

Consider This: Other than Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, there are no other writings of antiquity claiming to be a gospel and actually being supported by author of that document for inclusion in the Bible.

Can you begin to endorse the historic view that the Bible is an authentic text? Are you open to considering that the message of the Bible, as well as its form, have the marks of divine authorship? Would you like to trust this book, and its primary author, as millions have over the centuries?

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