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Was Jesus married?

Was Jesus married?

"Jesus was the original feminist. He intended for the future of the church to be in the hands of Mary Magdalene"
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p.248

Was Jesus married?

Consider This: If Jesus had married Mary Magdalene, we would expect to see some type of her veneration in the history of the early church as like we see for Mary, Jesus mother. However, there exists no reference or tradition anywhere to worship or veneration of Mary Magdalene.

Consider This: The Son of God came to earth not to start a family but to save the Church, which is his true bride (Ephesians 5:22-33)

Watch the video "Was Jesus Married?" by Dr. Darrel Bock and Dr. Erwin Lutzer
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"If Jesus were not married, at least one of the Bible's gospel's would have mentioned it and offered some explanation for His unnatural state of bachelorhood."
Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code p.245

Was Jesus married?

Consider This: Whenever Jesus' family is referred to, it is his brothers and sisters who are mentioned, but never a wife. Contrast this to descriptions of the apostles, Peter, and the brothers of the Lord, all of whom are said to have had wives.

Consider This: At the crucifixion, Jesus shows no special concern for the care of Mary Magdalene as he does his mother.

Consider This: This claim commits the fallacy of hasty generalization just because the majority of Jews would be married, it doesn't follow that EVERY Jew would be.

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"When Grail legend speaks of 'the chalice that held the blood of Christ' it speaks, in fact, of Mary Magdalene - the female womb that carried Jesus' royal bloodline."
Sir Leigh Teabing, The Da Vinci Code p.249

Was Jesus married?

Consider This: There exists no mention of a wife in any scripture of Jesus, in his ministry, when he was tried and crucified, or after his death.

Consider This: The legend of the Grail is indeed about the lost cup from the Last Supper. But biblical language about mothers wombs is always a reference to gestation and protection, never about bloodlines. Indeed, shed blood was always about the opposite of birth, that is, death.

"Companion of savior is Mary Magdalene. Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the mouth. The disciples were offended at this."
Gospel of Phillip, The Da Vinci Code p. 246

Was Jesus married?

Consider This: This passage comes from the Gnostic gospel of Philip and was written very late. It was written in Coptic, not Aramaic or Hebrew, and there IS no word in Aramaic where companion means spouse.

Consider This: The actual manuscript is broken at this passage, so we don't know where it claims Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene.

Consider This: The Gospel of Philip is a Gnostic document, and Gnostics held that the physical expression of sex is not sacred or spiritual - it actually defiles the soul who believes by holding to the corrupt physical.

Consider This: This is not to say Jesus has no special, earthly friends. But the New Testament is always careful not to confuse them with a spouse or a sexual involvement.

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Is it clear for you that Jesus neither married Mary Magdalene nor any other woman? That while human, Jesus was also God, and ascended to heaven? Are you convinced that his true "bride" could be the Church, the people of God? (Revelation 19:7) Would you like to be more certain of your relationship to this Christ?

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