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The Da Vinci Code Trivia Quiz

Think you’re a historian on par with Teabing? Test your knowledge on the art and historical references in The Da Vinci Code to see how well you fare.

Leonardo da Vinci’s real name was:
Leonardo Bonhomme
Just simply Leonardo
Leonardo da Vincenzo
Leonardo’s famous drawing of Vitruvian Man was meant to be:
The husband of Mona Lisa
A study on the proportions of human anatomy
Symbolic of the pentagram; the five points of life
In The Da Vinci Code, the book’s historian, Leigh Teabing, states that the Hebrew male deity Jehovah had a female counterpart Shekinah. What is the modern English translation of the word Shekinah?
“The one who dwells”
a feminine form of the Hebrew noun for god
“I am who I am”
Sophie’s character picks up one of Leonardo’s paintings “the Virgin of the Rocks” described as a five foot tall painting commissioned by the nuns of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception. As she pulls the canvas away from the wall it flexes dangerously. Why is this impossible?
The Louvre’s security would make touching the painting impossible
The painting is not at the Louvre, but in London
The painting is not five feet tall
Mary Magdalene, of whom much of the mystery of The Da Vinci Code lies, was actually:
A former prostitute who became a follower of Jesus
Both a prostitute and demoniac who followed Jesus
A former demoniac who became a follower of Jesus
The Council of Nicaea was called by the Roman Emperor Constantine in which year?
325 A.D.
352 A.D.
322 A.D.
The earliest Christian documents that we have copies of are:
The Nag Hammadi Library
The books of the New Testament
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Legends of the Holy Grail stretch back as far as:
Various Christian sects during the first three centuries after Christ
In French fiction written in the late twelfth century.
In 1096 when the Knights Templar first formed
In the movie, the character Silas is an albino assassin working for the Catholic organization Opus Dei. An albino would be a poor choice for an assassin because:
Albinos don’t really exist
Albinism causes poor eyesight
Being an albino would make him too noticeable in crowds
The character Robert Langdon is described as a symbologist from Harvard. Brown based this character on:
His own study of symbology at Harvard
Interviews with symbologists
Nothing - it is completely fictional


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