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Convicted anti-Semite

We realize this statement is confrontational. Frenchman Pierre Plantard organized the Priory of Sion in 1956, though he claimed it was founded by Godefroi de Bouillon in 1099. The Society was dismantled only a year later, while Plantard was in jail for abuse of minors. Yet Plantard managed to lodge certain documents in the French National Library suggesting a secret society kept the record of Jesus' human bloodline, from Mary Magdalene through the Merovingians and down to the Saint-Clair family and Plantard himself. He later confessed under oath that all of this was a forgery. He was a spokesman for pro-German, anti-Masonic groups, which were tinged with anti-Semitism. One of them was the Alpha Galates, of which he was president. For various activities in such secret groups, Plantard was deemed anti-Semitic.


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